“Vision without Action is merely a dream,
Action without Vision just passes the time; yet,
Vision with Action can change the world!”

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About Paula Cox Coaching

About Me

I am an experienced People and Organisational Development Manager qualified in Business Psychology and Coaching, and have worked in the UK and central Europe, in the Financial, Consultancy, and Utility sectors. I hold an MSc in Occupational Psychology, a Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching, and am a certified Occupational Test User with the British Psychological Society.


As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) I adhere to their Code of Ethics, and meet monthly with a Coach-Mentor for supervision, reflection, and to deepen my coaching practice. 

About Coaching with Me

The agenda for each session always comes from the coachee. I bring my education, training and experience in People Development, along with a  variety of models, tools and techniques including, movement, metaphors, modelling, sketching, and role play. I draw on a range of psychological models including Positive Psychology, coaching models including the simple GROW model, Gestalt, Mindfulness and Well-being techniques. I am accredited to use a number of psychometric questionnaires including 360’s, and most recently use the SDI, Strengthscope, Resilience Questionnaire and LIVED 360.

Each session provides a safe and non-judgemental space. I work intuitively, sometimes being a  catalyst, other times deeply challenging, yet always open, curious, compassionate, and in service to “forwarding the action and deepening the learning” (Whitworth) for the coachee's greatest good.


I am curious, interested, and enthusiastic - and am inspired to bring clarity, a sense of purpose, positivity, a sense of freedom, and compassion to each session.

  • MSc in Occupational Psychology

  • BA (Hons) Psychology

  • Test User Occupational (Level A & B) / Euro Test User Occupational (BPS)

  • Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching

International Coaching Federation
International Coaching Federation (ICF)
The Association for Business Psychology
Association for Business Psychology (ABP)
Principle Practitioner 
The British Psychological Society
British Psychological Society (BPS)
Graduate Member of the Division of Occupational Psychology and Special Group in Coaching Psychology



Executive Coaching


Leadership Development

  • Talent 

  • Career/Personal Development Planning

  • Relationship Awareness


Transition and Change

  • Career Change

  • Career Break

  • Redundancy 

  • Return to Work

  • Moments of Transition

  • Life

  • Career

  • Relationships

  • Well-being

I have designed simple coaching programmes of 3 and 6 sessions providing initial structure, and equally enjoy allowing the sessions to unfold, in service to the coachee’s agenda, in the moment.  Whatever approach is right for you, as Coach I hold the space, in service to you. 

“…If we are courageous in our vision to see the world as it could be, ourselves as we could be, if we take the trouble to look a little deeper, new outcomes and improvements emerge.  Interestingly, one often finds that one has exactly the job or the organisation that one needs right now, in order to make a difference first in ourselves, rather than looking outside of ourselves. What might be lacking is the courage to make that difference.”

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

Lao Tzu

“Calm, objective, listens, trustworthy, caring, honest, and open”
“Paula listens with interest, engagement, and no judgement; gently guiding to the right solution for me. She reads people well and is able to adapt her approach to their needs and with me she knows when I need reassurance on what needs to happen next and when to let me experiment on my own.”

Linzie Bone,  Team Leader & Facilitator

“Paula listens intently and responds in an understanding and subtle way. I stop and think before I go charging in with responses and ideas - just take things a little slower and see the bigger picture. I’m calmer, and more in control, I love her strategic approach. Amazing to spend time with you!”

Karen Andrews,  Training Delivery Manager

“Paula really challenged throughout the process and would also look at development needs from a different perspective to ensure that it would be of the utmost benefit.”

Mark Thompson, Head of Engineering

“Paula has a calm supportive approach to all that she does, she is a fantastic coach who is able to balance people’s emotional requirement with strategic needs, which helps you to refocus.  Paula is very emotionally intelligent and knows how to get the best out of people. As a leader, she treats everyone as individuals and knows how to engage and get the best out of people.”
“Paula shows great compassion and respect with all people and has a genuine interest in wanting to develop and help people. She brings good balance to difficult situations and has a great ability in always trying to understand a person’s point of view and excels when this view may differ to hers.  She effortlessly approaches people and situations fairly.  I admire her ability to maintain emotional balance in stressful situations and this has a great impact on those around her.”
“Working with you Paula has given me a more open perspective on how I view my choices and decisions and has given me a little more confidence in making choices and taking a more positive approach. Your coaching style is relaxed and friendly and pro-active.”

Melek, Career Development

“Supportive, objective, authentic”

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If anything here resonates with you, I would love to hear from you!  


Give me a call or send me an email and we can arrange a 15 minute consultation by phone or Skype, with no obligation, to explore working together. 


I am based in West Sussex with a UK and global reach.

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