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the change you always wanted…

As I sit at my desk and write this, my first words to be shared through my first website and beyond, I feel the bubbles and waves of excitement. Thank you for being here, and listening.

As I cast myself back to the beginning of this year, I recall an ever present desire. If only I had a pause-button! Yes, that’s just what I need. Everything is happening at the same time and so fast, my life feels a jumble, and what I want is to pause this part or that part so I can just be with this or that or on them or even me. The waves of anxiety and at times almost panic (when I actually forgot to collect my son from school!) were very present. I cannot say I am not happy during this time, many parts of my life feel truly blessed. Yet I do not have a life I completely recognise, or choose, and the desire for pausing, taking some time to just….. be….. almost overwhelms me.

As a coach, my role is to enable, facilitate, support, challenge, and at times guide, others. In the workplace this may be as part of a Leadership Development programme or a Talent programme. It may be for those who wish to get from A to B, to achieve their annual objectives, or develop a new skill or way of working with their team. For individuals, it is often the same - focusing around Career Coaching and relationships, and addressing questions such as: what/where next? how do I…..? What is more and more true in all these relationships is that people want space, some time away from their busyness, to be listened to, and to connect. Connection to others, to themselves, to a greater sense of knowing and beyond to a sense of purpose.

Fast-forward to today. I listened to Aboodi Shabi in conversation with Tremaine du Preez and so much resonated with me as I reflect on this year, and the past 6 months in particular. Aboodi talked about the current attitude of people wanting simple, quick answers i.e. Top Ten Tips for… and how much coaching as a profession has to offer in this current VUCA climate. I had found myself being drawn into the “top tips” world, and each time - nothing really changed. His reflection that coaches must “work on their own being to be able to hold with authority that capacity to go deeper” with their clients encapsulates my greatest learnings this year.

By the summer of this year, life, the universe, my unconscious-mind, all of these things gave me the much needed “pause”. I found myself with the time I needed, and literally found myself. In the beginning I did things. Then I had the confidence to truly, simply, without any attachment to outcomes, connect to people. During times of change and uncertainty, we all have choices - to watch and be an observer in our own lives and our world or to take responsibility, to follow a set to “top tips for” or to lead.

If you are ready to lead, yourself, your life the way you have always wanted to, from a place of knowing, I would be delighted to connect with you.

Look out for my programme of workshops in the New Year, and coaching programmes too. From A… to Be

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